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beeSignificant, the business start-up hub for the over 50’s.


beeSignificant is an award-winning Social Enterprise which supports those in later life to start their own business. We help you become an ‘Encore Entrepreneur’ building a successful business that combines personal fulfilment with continued income and social purpose.

Whether 45 or 90 years old, many people are looking to create their “second act” or “encore” career. They may be driven by life changes including redundancy, divorce or inadequate pension provisions. They may be inspired by the prospect of working for the greater good or leaving a legacy. But its hard to know where to start.  beeSignificant aims to alleviate these concerns by providing al the advice, training and tools you need to make this transition.

Running your own business at any age is exciting and rewarding but there is so much to learn.  You need to be a bookkeeper, salesperson, marketer, social media expert and website developer! Hiring designers and online marketing experts can be expensive and disappointing. We have been where you are and know all the tips & tricks to starting a successful business on a budget.

Don’t waste valuable time and money, we have the RESOURCES, KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS you need to get your business up and running TODAY!


Our Workshops and Coaching Program help you explore your motivations, interests and skills so you can find the right encore career or business for you. We offer public workshops for individuals together with programs for large and small employers who wish to support their pre retirement employees.


Our comprehensive Online Courses walk you step-by-step through how to set up your business. Easy to follow, we don’t presume any prior business knowledge. Everything you need to get up and running!


Get a beautiful, modern, tailored web design for your encore business. Easy to update yourself – we teach you how, or we can make updates for you with our Monthly Support Plan. Built with WordPress, the most popular website platform in the World – your website is ready in 72 hours. From only £150!

What is an ‘Encore Entrepreneur’?


The term ‘Encore Entrepreneur’ refers to the growing sector of 50+ workers who turn their skills and knowledge into a small business or social enterprise. Encore entrepreneurs are now the fastest growing group of business owners, and in the US business owners over the age of 55 account for over 25% of all new businesses registered. 

The time maybe right for you to make this move, or you may be planning for the future, either way it is important to discover your ‘encore’ could be and start preparing today.



By 2020 over 50s' will comprise almost one-third of the working age population, and almost half of the adult population

out of 10 workers over 50 years old want to make progress in their careers, they have no intention of slowing down


of unemployed people aged 50+ have been out of work for over 12 months

£88 billion would be added to the UK’s GDP if the employment rate of people aged 50-64 matched that of those aged 35-49


In the US business owners over the age of 55 account for over 25% of all new businesses registered.


It is estimated that by 2024, 25% of Americans over 44 will consider starting their own business or non-profit venture (AARP)


of over 50s’ are internet users. A recent poll found those in later life now keep up with technology changes and are regular internet surfers

A recent survey found 50+ lower-middle income households are 5 times less likely to be in work


Dog Walker Testimonial

“Thanks to beeSignificant I have finally started my own business!”


Crafty Cake Makers

Pet Behaviourist Testimonial

“Thank you for all your help when we started our new business, you gave us the confidence to succeed!”


Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

Pet Sitter Testimonial

“My website is transformed and is so easy to update, I can now stop worrying about my online shopfront and get on with doing what I love!”




Our beautifully designed websites are ready in just 72 hours at a price you can afford. Just add and change your photos and text or send to us and we will update your site for you.

Your website is owned by you, not us so you have complete control. Its SEO ready and looks great on any device. Just plug and go, it really is that simple.

Take a look at our demo sites and our latest projects TODAY! Your beautiful website could be up and running  by the weekend!


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