beeSignificant is an award-winning social enterprise that supports those in later life start their own business, combining personal fulfilment, continued income and social purpose.

We love helping people start new businesses, or better still social enterprises and community projects. Every member of the beeSignificant team is an Encore Entrepreneur, having started their own business after 45. They worked for many years in diverse sectors of the job market and started their Encore with little or no experience in business ownership. We have worked hard for success but made some rookie mistakes along the way…so we know how to help you sidestep the obstacles to success!


What happens in the Bee Hive?

The Bee Hive is where we write our online courses, deliver our live workshops and create our sweet as honey websites for our Encore Entrepreneurs. We are based at Space 282 the funky and friendly co-working space in Leigh-On-Sea on the east coast of England.

How did beeSignificant start?

After a long career in project management and learning and development, our Founder Stephanie, took a complete career change and went on to start multiple award-winning small businesses. She always loved helping others start their own business but found many later life entrepreneurs didn’t have the confidence or tools to get where they wanted to go. There wasn’t much support out there directed at the 45+ age group both here in the UK or in developing countries.  There also wasn’t much encouragement to ‘go back to school’ and retrain. But at beeSignificant we believe its never too late to take your ‘Encore’, so with the help of an Oxford Brookes University Social Entrepreneur Award Stephanie created  beeSignificant.


How are we a Social Enterprise?

“Social Enterprises work by selling goods and services in the open market, and reinvesting the money they make back into their business or the community. This allows them to tackle social problems, improve people’s life chances, support communities and help the environment. When a social enterprise profits society profits.” (Social Enterprise UK)

At beeSignificant we sell courses, workshops and website design & hosting to those in later life, thereby encouraging this valuable sector of the workforce find meaningful work that helps their communities. With the profit generated from these activities we are able to develop free or low cost websites and workshops for community projects, other social enterprises and Encore Entrepreneurs both here in the UK and in developing countries.


Stephanie is an Accredited Small Business Consultant (AASBC) and qualified Career Counsellor (CCA), as well as an experienced online marketer and a Wordpress developer.  She has a Post Graduate Diploma in e-business management (PGDip) and has just completed an MA in Development & Emergency Practice from Oxford Brookes University. So with beeSignificant Stephanie brings together her technology and training expertise, with her humanitarian passions.

Stephanie started her first local business in 2003, opening a small delicatessen. She went on to launch the UK’s first organic pet treat bakery, an award-winning Pet Boutique and Café and the prestigious and famous Pet Spa in Harrods. She won Essex Business of The Year (2009), was Southend Business Woman of The Year Finalist (2010) and her London Harrods salon was voted No.1 Pet Spa in the UK by Time Out Magazine (2013). She is the author of two recipe books and bizarrely broke the Guinness Book of World Records for baking the World’s largest dog biscuit – taking the record from Microsoft! She lives by the sea on England’s east coast with her rescue mutt Ella and her ancient cat Fluffy.

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